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TI-CHIPS: Meeting Minutes May 2001

The May meeting of the TI-Chips was opened. However, because the Secretary neglected to bring the minutes from the April meeting (I didn't dig deep enough in my stack of papers[smileblush.gif(0.23KB)]), the reading of the April minutes was waived. Lin Shaw gave the Treasurers report and stated that the group's treasury is now exclusively supported by the monthly 50:50 raffle.

There was no membership or library report this month. However, both Les Kee and Lin Shaw stated that their TI-99/4A's were still running and doing their respective jobs for the TI-Chips.

I reported that the 2001 Jim Peterson Achievement Awards were announced May 1st and the awards were produced and mailed out to the recipients May 2nd. I presented concerns I had received from some of the TI community members regarding the rules and regulations for nominating candidates for the Jim Peterson Awards. It was the unanimous opinion that the TI-Chips would neither expand the rules for accepting nominations nor screen nominations. All we ask is that the nominee's name be spelled correctly and the achievement be credited to the right person or group. The TI-Chips also reaffirmed that we were only the messengers for the Jim Peterson Awards and that the entire TI community is the nominating and selecting committee.

I further announced that nominations for the Jim Peterson Achievement Awards - Class of 2002 are unofficially open and that formal calls for nominations will begin this August. Our Webmaster, Craig Getty, said he would be interested in obtaining a picture of Jim Peterson to incorporate in the The Jim Peterson Achievement Awards Main Page. I said I would send him a JPG of Jim as soon as possible. I also gave Craig a hard copy of the table of Jim Peterson Award winners to be included in our web site.

Speaking of pictures, Norb Sitter was able to attend this month's meeting and I took the opportunity to take Norb's picture for inclusion in the TI-Chips' Members Gallery. (This will replace the old, red faced, "enhanced" shot of Norb taken at TIMUG'99.)

The TI-Chips participation in CCAG 2001 (Classic Computer And Game show) this June 30th is just about all set. Harry will drop off the 19" TV set at the armory Friday evening and I will set up the group's TI-99/4A the following morning (The day of the CCAG). At this I made mention of how extensive the classic computer collections were of some of the members of the OLUG. The lists were impressive to say the least. (It would be nice if some of these collections could find their way to the CCAG this June.)

There were lively discussions about fire walls and browsers. Craig also explained how a JPG image is compressed each time it is saved as a JPG, and that the image will eventually become a "blob" through repeated savings. Craig also recommended that the background, in a picture, be kept as simple as possible. It turns out that the digital camera uses pixels for everything it sees, and a complicated background can make a compressed JPG file quite large at times. Thanks, Craig, for the valuable tips and information.

Craig Getty won the 50:50 raffle. Congratulations, Craig!

The next meeting of the TI-Chips will be from 10:00 till noon on Saturday, June 16th in the Story Time Room of the North Royalton branch of the Cuyahoga Community Library.

-Glenn Bernasek

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