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Jim Peterson Award Voting Form

The Jim Peterson Achievement Award Winners

The Jim Peterson Achievement Awards, conceived by Jim Krych to honor the memory of Jim Peterson, are sponsored by the TI-Chips.

Following is the preamble for the Jim Peterson Awards as penned by Jim Krych in January 1996.

[Jim Peterson (22.6KB)]"The late Jim Peterson made an invaluable contribution to the Texas Instruments 99/4A home computer community. His selfless and tireless work in many areas of TI-99/4A related material made him recognized throughout the world-wide network of TI-99/4A users.

As such, in an effort to further the spirit that his work had started, the following award system is enacted: The Jim Peterson Achievement Award. This will recognize TI-99/4A users and user groups for their outstanding achievements. The awards will be broken down into four areas. They are as follows: TI-99/4A Software, TI-99/4A Hardware, TI-99/4A Community and Geneve 9640 achievement."

Jim Krych contacted Jim Peterson's family to gain permission to make these awards in his honor. The Jim Peterson family granted their permission, and the TI-Chips voted unanimously in February 1996 to sponsor this great honor. Although Jim Peterson, a prolific programmer, was not a member of the TI-Chips, Jim's contributions and dedication touched all TI-99/4A users and user groups.

It must be noted that the Jim Peterson Achievement Award nominating and voting committees are comprised of the entire TI-99/4A community. The TI-99/4A community nominates the award candidates and the same community casts the deciding votes for the candidates of their choice. The only part the TI-Chips has in this endeavor is to gather nominations, post the ballot, record votes and present the awards. This is truly an interactive, international process to recognize the achievements and contributions of deserving individuals and user groups by their peers. In this way, we are ensuring that the spirit of Jim Peterson's dedication to community service is continued through the presentation of these awards in his name.

The first winners of the Jim Peterson Achievement Awards, selected through an international call for votes from the TI-99/4A community, and presented at TIMUG'96 in Brook Park, Ohio, were:

Although Jim Krych is no longer with the TI-Chips, the TI-Chips will continue to sponsor the Jim Peterson Achievement Awards as long as there are TIers in the world who deserve recognition for their contributions and efforts on behalf of the TI-99/4A community. This is the least we can do to honor the memory of a great programmer, TIer and person, Jim Peterson.

Respectfully submitted,

Glenn Bernasek, Secretary, TI-Chips

A Special Announcement
The TI-Chips is announcing that we have unanimously decided to modify the Jim Peterson Achievement Awards to have just two categories starting with the class of 2005. The categories will be TI-99/4A and Myarc "Geneve" 9640. We feel the TI-99/4A subcategories, like the Myarc "Geneve" 9640, will be defined by the nominee's achievement(s).

Glenn Bernasek, Secretary and JPA Administrator TI-Chips of Greater Cleveland, Ohio

The Jim Peterson Achievement Award Winners

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