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TI-CHIPS: Meeting Minutes December 1999

The December Christmas party meeting of the TI-Chips was opened by Fred Ialacci. There were several items of business to be conducted before the festivities began. The November minutes were read and approved and Lin Shaw gave the Treasurer's report. Lin stated the TI-Chips will be starting the new millennium well in the black. John Parken reported that we still have 18 members on the roster. John handed out printouts of an updated membership listing. John also requested that any and all TI-Chips member's e-mail addresses be reported to him so that he can include them in the list.

Old business pending was brought up as status reports on items discussed at the November meeting. Harry and Nina Hoffman said Terri Babione is doing very well. Jack Koryta said his father is being kept as comfortable as possible. Harry reported that he is working on redesigning the newsletter masthead. Harry wants to create the new masthead on his TI-99/4A using special TI fonts. We are all looking forward to seeing what Harry publishes.

The members were reminded that the new dues structure is $10 for individual membership and $15 for family. There were two renewals at the meeting.

Les Kee handed out a fliers announcing the meeting of the local UNIX user group.

Rich Polivka announced that he has started a project to put all MICROpendium issues on CDs. Rich will let us know the status of his ambitious project at future meetings. We are looking forward to Rich's reports. Ron Markus brought in the "final" issue of MICROpendium. Several members bought these pieces of history from Ron at the meeting.

The TI-Chips held elections of officers for 2000. Fred Ialacci (President), Glenn Bernasek (Secretary) and Linwood Shaw (Treasurer) all said they were be willing to stay on, for another year, in their respective offices. A motion was made to elect the present officers to another term for the year 2000. The motion was passed unanimously. Les Kee and John Parken, Disk Librarian and Membership Chairman respectively, also agreed to continue in their positions through the next year.

I brought in a TI-99/4A console and said it could be raffled off along with the 50:50 raffle as a Christmas party special. The members suggested the TI be awarded to the winner of the 50:50 raffle. Ron Markus won the raffle and immediately gave the TI to Deanna Sheridan for her church youth group. Congratulations, Ron, and Deanna thanks you for the surprise Christmas present.

Fred adjourned the business portion of the December meeting to start the annual Christmas party. Everyone enjoyed the goodies brought in by Glenn Bernasek, Nina Hoffman, Fred Ialacci, and Ada Markus. Not to mention the usual great tasting coffee prepared by Les Kee. Thanks to all, everybody had a great time.

In keeping with a time honored tradition, a party platter of TI-Chips' Christmas party goodies was made up and given to the North Royalton library staff to enjoy.

-Glenn Bernasek

Secretary's Note: The following information came to my attention when I arrived home from the December meeting of the TI-Chips.

Les Israel, long time TI-Chips member and first recipient of our honorary Lifetime Membership award died at the age of 93 on November 27, 1999. Les was an amazing person in that he never lost his ability to explore and learn new computer systems even during his advanced years. Les was a good friend and an inspiration to us all. I shall personally treasure the memories of the many rides Les and I shared on our way to and from the MUG conferences in Lima, Ohio. Les Israel will be missed by all who knew him.

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