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TI-CHIPS: Meeting Minutes November 2004

The November meeting of the TI-Chips was called to order and the Minutes from the October meeting were not read because I forgot to bring them with me. (My bad.)

Lin Shaw gave the Treasurers report. Les Kee said there was no report for the clubs disk library at this time. Lin stated that he was using an older version of Word to create the monthly Treasurers report, and that he was experiencing some difficulty in working with the resident spell checker. Several tips were offered during the discussion. (Once again the membership comes to the aid of a member in need.)

Scott Kee, Les' son and our esteemed webmaster gave Les a CD disk back up update from the TI-Chips web site.

Under "Old Business", Lin Shaw wrote a check to Ron Markus for the club's purchase of PC Transfer from Ron. This way we will have the ownership of a copy of PC Transfer for our member's usage if the need should arise.

Under both "Old Business" and "Demo Time", I showed the videos taken at CCAG 2004 in Mentor, Ohio this year. As luck would have it, I discovered a 19" video monitor sitting in our meeting room when I opened the room for business. All I did was to hook my video camera into the front of the monitor, and the show went on as planned. I will show the CCAG 2004 videos again at our Christmas party / meeting on December 18. I had brought a special surprise CCAG souvenir to hand out to the CCAG attendees at this meeting and at the December meeting. There was a short discussion about the experiences at CCAG 2004. It was the consensus that, although the show was valuable and enjoyable to attend, it was very crowded in the limited space available for the show.

I took the opportunity to take snapshot stills of those in attendance with my new video camera. (I'll show them at the December meeting, and hopefully take some more at that time.)

I announced that it looked as though we will be able to post a full Jim Peterson Achievement Award (JPA) ballot after all. (Thanks to last minute nominations.) The editing phase of the Jim Peterson Achievement Award nominations will be conducted during the month of December. I reminded everyone that only the nominators or the nominees are authorized to request corrections, changes or deletions in the posted JPA nominee list, and that all requests must be addressed privately to me. Requests must not be publicly posted. Voting will commence January 1 and run through April 30, 2005.

It was announced that the annual Christmas party / meeting will be held in the Large Conference room on Saturday, December 18 from 10:00 am until noon. Feel free to bring TI-99/4A cartridges and software along with munchies and beverages to the party. As usual, all present and former TI-ers are invited to attend this fun event.

Under "New Business", Scott Kee said he will E-mail the Chips members the URL link to a Windows XP Services information web site. Scott said this site provides a myriad of answers to the ins and outs of Windows XP and the Service Pack 2 upgrade. (Thanks for the offer Scott.)

I announced that the December Christmas party / meeting will be the last meeting of the TI-Chips I will attend for the foreseeable future. However, I will continue to administer the Jim Peterson Achievement Awards, maintain my membership on the Board of Governors of the TI-99ers Hall of Fame and communicate with TI-ers, and especially my TI-Chips "family", via E-mail from home. I reminded those in attendance that the Storytime meeting room has been reserved for TI-Chips' meetings through June 2005.

The 50:50 drawing was not conducted at this month's meeting.

The meeting was adjourned with the announcement about the Christmas party / meeting, in the North Royalton branch library, as reported above.

-Glenn Bernasek

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