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TI-CHIPS: Meeting Minutes November 2002

The November meeting of the TI-Chips was called to order, and the October minutes were accepted as read. The Treasurer's and Membership reports were given.

Les Kee showed samples of disk catalogs printed with the TI-99/4A "Miniprint" routine, using the Cat 4 option. The results, although produced in a very small font size, were clear and easy to read. Although "Miniprint" writes only to a printer, it might be possible to write a sub-routine to enablethe catalog file to be written to disk. This would enable Les to save the catalog information in a file form to be printed out on command. It appeared that Les had come upon a reasonable solution to the first problem. That is, producing a readable paper catalog of our extensive disk library in a physical size that isn't overwhelming. A job well done, Les. We're looking forward to seeing your finished product.)

The next problem facing Les is to produce durable, archive of the vast historic TI-99/4A software and documentation the TI-Chips has in its disk library. We have been discussing copying our library onto CDs. However, we have been unable to identify the technology or method by which this can be accomplished. I brought in Charles Good's review of the 2002 Chicago TI-99/4A Faire held this month. In his review, Charles wrote about TI-PC v2.20 by Paulo Bergasi, recently uploaded to the WHT site (www.groups.yahoo.com/group/tigg_nv) which will archive and de-archive TI software, read and format TI disks with the ability to send the information to and from Mike Wright's PC99. This is reported to be all accomplished on a PC system. I offered to post an inquiry and request on the OLUG for information and assistance we could have regarding our project, and the possible use of routines such as TI-PC v2.20 and PC99.

Alan Hewston passed out two printouts of listings of TI-99/4A games carts from Digital Press. These listings were given to Les Kee and John Parken to hold for safekeeping and availability for loan out on request. Thanks, Alan.

It was announced again that the February meeting has been moved to the second Saturday, February 8th. It must be noted that the date reported in the October minutes was in error.

There was no raffle this month. However it was announced that our December meeting will be our annual holiday party meeting to be held on the 21st in the Large Meeting room of the North Royalton branch library from 10:00 'til noon. We are asking those who will attend to bring munchies and/or beverages and favorite TI-99/4A programs. (We'll have our TI-99/4A system up and running.) All present and former TI'ers are invited to the TI-Chips' annual holiday party/meeting. It will be a wonderful time to get together to share stories and memories.

-Glenn Bernasek

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