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TI-CHIPS: Meeting Minutes November 2000

The November meeting of the TI-Chips was called to order. Reading of the October minutes was waived. However, I placed on record that Craig Getty was to be recognized for the excellent job of editing he had done on the October minutes submitted for posting on Harry Hoffman's newsletter Web site. Lin Shaw reported that the Chips' treasury is in good shape.

John Parken reported that our membership stands at eighteen. The meeting room seemed to be a little crowded this time with 12 people in attendance. Harry brought his son Steve, who is visiting from Florida, as a guest. Les Kee reported that there was no activity in the club's library this month.

There was a brief discussion about the Chicago Faire held November 11th. I passed around a print out of a posting, from eGroups TI-99/4A OLUG, that gave the Web address (http://www.homecomputercentral.com/chicago2000) to view pictures from the Faire. Harry said he tried to take advantage of viewing the Faire with pictures transmitted via a Web cam at the Faire. Harry said his technology has a long way to go to make viewing an enjoyable experience. While others saw "clip by clip," he had to see ONE shot, get out of that browser window, then go back and see the next shot. I said ideas of how to improve the technology were in the works, and that the Chicago user group might be working on some ideas on how to make the presentation, via Web cam, much more enjoyable. Harry said he was happy to see, via the Web cam, that Rich Polivka was able to attend the Faire.

Norb Sitter battled lake effect snow to make the drive with his wife from Erie, PA to attend the Chips meeting and to hand out a flier announcing the Microsoft seminar on Microsoft's Windows ME®, hosted by CUE (Computer Users of Erie, PA.) at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, December 6th. Norb said he will try to scan any seminar handouts to send to the Chips. (If Norb is successful, we will have first hand information on what Windows ME® can and cannot do.) Thanks for your efforts on our behalf, Norb.

Harry brought in the pictures he had taken at the October meeting, and then Harry took more shots of members who were unable to attend the October meeting. (I guess we'll just have to wait to see the pictures when they are posted on Harry's Web site.)

Ada Markus asked, and then suggested, that we consider having a Memory Lane page included on Harry's Web site. This page could provide a medium for which we could share the memories our members have garnered over the 17+ years in the TI-Chips and the TI community in general.

Much of the rest of the meeting was dedicated to active discussions of possible formats the TI-Chips' electronic newsletter could have. HTML was discussed again. The same question of attachments, and the ability of everyone being able to handle (download or view) attachments through their respective ISP, was discussed once again. (At this time, John Parken showed a graphic download showing a satellite picture of the North Royalton library.) John's point was that it is relatively simple to attach and download graphics. Harry reported that he had received one reply to the request he printed in the club's newsletter that asks everyone, who receives our paper newsletter, if they had any preferences regarding the format of an electronic edition. Harry also said he mails out more paper newsletters to those outside of the Chips than he does to the Chips themselves. It was said that we could continue to publish a paper version for those who do not have Internet capability.

It became obvious that the TI-Chips club already has an electronic newsletter in place. Harry's site was established and is able to be expanded to include all types of articles, graphics and information dealing with the TI-99/4A as well as everything else our membership is interested in and willing to share. Harry said he will send out postcards to all who receive our paper publication to inquire if they are able to log on to Harry's newsletter site by typing in the Web site's address:


It was therefore decided, by those in attendance, that Harry's newsletter site would become the TI-Chips' default newsletter, and that a paper edition would continue to be published for those who require the hard copy format. This decision, by the TI-Chips in attendance, addresses the long discussed option of choosing an electronic newsletter format and the method of delivery (E-mailed text or attachment).

The Club's annual Christmas party/meeting was discussed. It will be held on December 16th, in the North Royalton library's LARGE meeting room from 10:00AM till noon. We are asking everybody to bring goodies to enjoy. The club's TI-99/4A system will be up and running the good old TI-99/4A Christmas routines for a bit of nostalgia. Some members will also bring in their PC clones to show and share the latest technology. All past and present TIers are invited to come to the TI-Chips' Christmas party. It will be a lot of fun, filled with a lot of fond memories. After the party, the TI-Chips will also be making up our traditional 'goodie tray' for the library staff to enjoy.

John Parken won this month's 50:50 raffle. Congratulations, John.

-Glenn Bernasek

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