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TI-CHIPS: Meeting Minutes October 1999

The October meeting of the TI-Chips was opened by President Fred Ialacci.

Harry Hoffman reported that the September meeting was an informal affair. Therefore, no official minutes were taken during the meeting. However, it was noted that Jack Koryta brought in two bags full of video tapes of TIMUG '99 for future orders. Les Kee volunteered to deliver the tapes to Glenn Bernasek. Lin Shaw was unable to attend the October meeting and Glenn Bernasek said he would deliver all moneys collected to Lin. Glenn also reported that he had received another order for TIMUG '99 video tapes.

The Chips welcomed Frank Brzydot to the meeting. Frank read our article in the Cleveland (OH) Plain Dealer Tech Week column and decided to pay us a visit. It appears that Frank and the Chips can help each other. Frank has experience with portable computer systems and would like to learn as much as possible about the TI-99/4A he has stored in a closet. Frank said he would consider joining the Chips.

Deanna Sheridan paid us a visit. Deanna gave the TI-Chips a rather detailed presentation on her youth group computer project at her church. She said she would appreciate receiving as much computer hardware and software support for this project as possible. Everyone was very impressed with the scope of this ambitious project. I offered to bring in a 2 gigabyte hard drive for one of her church youth group computer systems. Deanna said that it was interesting how the young people tended to gravitate to the TI-99/4A she has set up.

I (Glenn) reported that the hyperlinks Harry Hoffman had e-mailed to me from Sister Pat contained some wonderful music. I asked Harry to publish the URLs for these sites in his Editor's remarks.

Les Kee reported that there was no disk library activity during the last month.

There was a short discussion about the difference between scanned articles in graphic format versus scanning in text format. This discussion was started when Les Kee asked Harry about the status of the e-mail versus hard copy newsletter project. Harry said he was still actively working on determining who would rather have the newsletter e-mailed rather than a hard copy land mailed. It was brought up that MICROpendium issues are being e-published, and that Mike Wright is scanning all TI-99/4A docs in .pdf format which can be read with Acrobat Reader.

Our newest member, John Clark, will continue working with Harry to get his TI-99/4A PEB up and running and talking to the Internet. John gave us his e-mail address. It is: jclarkoh@aol.com

Les Kee won the October 50/50 raffle. Congratulations, Les.

-Glenn Bernasek

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