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TI-CHIPS: Meeting Minutes October 2004

The October meeting of the TI-Chips was called to order and the September Minutes were read and accepted. Lin Shaw gave the monthly financial report. There was no disk library or membership reports at this time.

There was a short discussion regarding the Corcomp side car going belly up on Lin Shaw’s TI. Lin said his son was attempting to bring it back to life. In the mean time, Norb Sitter said he would look for an Epson printer for Lin. Norb offered to bring the printer, if he is able to find it, to the CCAG for us to deliver to Lin. Thanks for the offer Norb.

A motion was made and passed to have the TI-Chips purchase a copy of “PC Transfer” from Ramcharged Computers.

Speaking of CCAG, last minute details, for the TI-Chips’ participation in CCAG 2004, were taken care of at the meeting. (See www.ccagshow.com for show information and directions.)

There was also a short discussion about the nominations received for the 2005 Jim Peterson Achievement Awards (Called the JPA). It was noted that most of the nominations we had received came by way of our interactive JPA nomination page on the TI-Chips’ web site. This is testament to a job well done by our webmaster Scott Kee. The nominations received were noted as being very unusual and unique. Therefore a special announcement will be made, concerning the 2005 JPA ballot and awards, in December. Stay tuned.

I reported that the TI community has a new OLUG and list server, courtesy of Tom Wills. It is located at: http://ti99olug.org/home//. I recommended that our membership log on and give it a try. I said I believed that they will like what they see. "However, it was discovered, sometime after the Chips' meeting, that the new OLUG was hacked into and the list server was used for spamming." Therefore "ti99olug.org" has been shut down. Tom Wills is looking into restoring the new OLUG with a new domain name. I'll keep you updated as to the status of the new OLUG.

Lucille Mayer won this month's 50:50 drawing. In a very generous move, Lucy donated her winnings to the TI-Chips. Congratulations and thank you Lucy.

The next meeting of the TI-Chips will be on November 20, in the Storytime Room of the North Royalton branch library from 10:00 until noon.

-Glenn Bernasek

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