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TI-CHIPS: Meeting Minutes October 2001

The October meeting of the TI-Chips was opened and the minutes from the September meeting were accepted as read. There were no Treasurer's, Membership or Library reports. Attendance was rather sparse at this meeting.

The main subject of discussion was about the status of our web site. Craig Getty said he was still unable to get on to the site. It turns out that Harry Hoffman needs to telephone CoreComm's 1(800) number for Web site activation. Harry said he would make the call as soon as possible. Craig stated that he still has to upload all pages from the old site into the new CoreComm site. Craig said he will advise us when the new site is up and running, and he will provide us with the new URL.

I mentioned that Yahoo! is starting an automatic advertising link to a video camera site whenever I log onto the OLUG. I said I don't really mind the ad, but I do have very little patience with the time expended while my browser is trying to connect with a web site that I didn't ask for to begin with. I am also uncomfortable with auto-linking. However, I guess this form of commercialism comes with Yahoo! territory. Harry mentioned that he was unable to view a recent picture of himself that he uploaded to the OLUG. I said I would be happy to check it out for him.

I asked if anybody was planning to attend the Chicago Faire this year. Harry said he wasn't sure, and Ron and Ada Markus, RamCharged Computers, said they weren't planning to attend at this time. Ron stated although his inventory has been greatly reduced, he still carries some TI-99/4A software from Texaments and Asgard. Ron also said that he still provides peripheral hardware supplies, such as cables.

Harry brought in some issues of the CUE (Computer Users of Erie, PA) newsletter for us to look at. Thanks for the thought, Harry.

I took the opportunity to take Ron and Ada Markus' pictures to be posted in our new Web site's Members' Gallery page.

There was no 50:50 raffle this month. The meeting was adjourned, and the November meeting date was announced. The November meeting is scheduled for Saturday, November 17th, from 10:00 am 'till noon, in the Story Time Room at the North Royalton branch library.

-Glenn Bernasek

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