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TI-CHIPS: Meeting Minutes September 2004

The September meeting of the TI-Chips was called to order and the August meeting Minutes were read and accepted. Lin Shaw gave the Treasurer's report. (In a side note, Lin's Corcomp side car, which he had borrowed from Harry Hoffman, went belly-up. Therefore, Lin is attempting to transfer the club's account files from TI floppies to Carol's PC. We are currently working on obtaining PC Transfer for Lin to try to use to accomplish this. Although we don't know how much good this will do since Lin's side car disk drive isn't working. Hmmm.)

Planning for TI-Chips participation in CCAG 2004 is just about completed. We will "sweep up the corners" (Make sure everything is ready) at the Chips October meeting.

I reported that Texas Instruments is, once again, leading the electronic industry with an innovative chip programmed with a fuel gauge for Lithium Ion battery systems. This fuel gauge will be able to accurately sense and report the remaining charge capacity in the Lithium Ion battery. To this date, no other "fuel gauge" on the market has been able to accomplish this feat. The article describing this achievement can be found at: TI Breakthrough in Battery Management.

I read the following excerpt from an E-mail I had received from TI-Chips' member Gary Fitzgerald, in New Haven, Connecticut, to the group: "Thanks for sending the minutes - feels like I actually belong to a UG when the minutes arrive." Thanks for the nice note Gary. It always feels good to know we are reaching our out-of-town members.

On the disappointing side, I reported that, as of this month's meeting, there have been no nominations submitted for the 2005 Jim Peterson Achievement Awards. It was discussed and agreed that if there are no nominations, then there will be no Jim Peterson Achievement Awards for 2005 and that 2004 will have been the last year for these prestigious awards. I said I was trying to create a sense of urgency by numbering the calls for nominations. (The middle of September call was the FOURTH call, and each succeeding call will be numbered consecutively. [i.e., The October calls will be the fifth and sixth calls respectively.])

(Secretary's note: With all of the accomplishments in the TI community, discussed on the OLUGs this year, one would think someone would be nominated in recognition of their work. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.)

Jack Koryta won this month's 50:50 drawing. Congratulations Jack.

The October meeting of the TI-Chips will be on, Saturday, October 16 in the Storytime Room of the North Royalton branch library from 10:00 until noon.

-Glenn Bernasek

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