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TI-CHIPS: Meeting Minutes September 2003

The September meeting of the TI-Chips was opened, and the minutes from the August meeting were read and accepted. Lin Shaw was unable to attend. Therefore I gave the Treasurer's report. There were no Membership or Disk Library reports at this month's meeting.

It seemed that Norb Sitter's suggestion that E-mail reminders of upcoming meetings be sent to group members worked very well. It has been a very long time since attendance at a Chips meeting nearly filled the meeting room to capacity. The success of the reminder E-mail brought back memories of the postcards we used to send as reminders of upcoming meetings. Good feeling to say the least.

John Parken talked about a solution he discovered when PCs, at work, experienced lockups. John said he opened the CPU shell and found the CPU cooling fan had become loose and was quite dirty. John said when he tightened the fan's fittings and cleaned the fan, the lockup cleared. (Hmm. This does sound rather familiar doesn't it? TI'ers learned that our TI-99/4A was prone to lockups, and that the problem was usually a loose or dirty contact. I guess this problem is universal. As was said many times before, "Keep it clean and keep it tight.") Thanks for the tips, John.

There were also interesting discussions about printing whole web pages, the value of DSL service, and uploading or ownloading copyrighted software or material without the author's permission.

Alan Hewston reported he was looking at "Congo Bongo" in his game system comparison studies. Alan said he found that some European versions were very limited in scope and challenge levels. He also said the TI version, although not the best he had tested, was very well written and designed. Jack Koryta added that level five of TI's "Congo Bongo" is the full game version, and is very challenging.

Harry Hoffman brought in printouts of the salute to Bob Hope. "Thanks for the memories," Harry.

I shared E-mail I had received from Curt Gadd. Everyone was happy to hear that Curt and his wife, Pauline, were doing well. And yes, Curt, everybody who has been a member for at least five years remembers you well and sends their fond regards.

Norb won the monthly 50:50 raffle. Congratulations, Norb.

I announced our next meeting will be on October 18th, in the Storytime room of the North Royalton branch library from 10:00 'til noon. (I'll continue to send out the E-mail meeting reminders each month. The reminders will be sent to every member who lives within a reasonable driving distance regardless if they had already advised me of which meetings they can or cannot attend.)

-Glenn Bernasek

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