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TI-CHIPS: Meeting Minutes September 2001

The September meeting of the TI-Chips was opened with one minute of silence in remembrance of the terrible tragedies in New York, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania perpetrated by terrorists on September 11, 2001. After which, we talked about our feelings and discussed making a donation to one of the agencies that were involved in service to the victims of these horrible attacks. The TI-Chips decided to donate $150 to the "New York Fire 9-11 Relief Fund".

In view of the terrible circumstances that had occurred, our meeting was shorter than usual. The minutes from the August meeting were read and accepted as presented. After which, Lin Shaw gave the Treasurer's report. There were no membership or software library reports this month.

However, there was some discussion about the TI-Chips' newsletter Web site.It seems that Corecomm bought Stratos last year, and this change of ownership resulted in a major change in our Web site's URL. Harry Hoffman (the site's Editor) and Craig Getty (our Webmaster) said they were surprised that the change had taken place so quickly and apparently without a recent warning. The result is that our web site was no longer available with the original URL address. Craig said he would upload pages from the old web site onto our new Corecomm site. He will also be doing some needed housekeeping in the process (i.e., removing old North Coast 99er meeting minutes). Craig then said he would advise us through e-mail when the new site is up and running and will provide us with the new URL. All this, along with updating our site with September and October postings will take a little time. All we have to exercise is a little patience. Craig will let us know when the job is done.

I showed a slide show I had received from Dan Williams, on my laptop, which chronicled the terrible terrorist attacks on the Unites States. It was a beautiful and thoughtfully created presentation, which will serve as a perpetual reminder of a terrible time in the history of our country. I offered to forward this show to all Chippers.

We closed this month's meeting with our monthly raffle. Harry Hoffman won. Congratulations, Harry. Harry informed everyone that his wife, and our president, Nina Mae was gaining strength everyday. This was very good news for all of us to hear. We are still looking forward to the day Nina will be able to attend a meeting of the TI-Chips.

The next meeting of the TI-Chips will be on Saturday, October 20th, in the Story Time Room of the North Royalton branch library, from 10:00 am 'till noon.

-Glenn Bernasek

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