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TI-CHIPS: Meeting Minutes July 2001

The July meeting of the TI-Chips was opened with a one minute of silence in honor of Craig Getty’s brother, Brian, who succumbed to cancer in June. Although we didn’t personally know Brian, the members of the TI-Chips’ ‘family’ certainly share the pain of Craig and his family’s loss. (I passed Craig’s kind Thank You card around to the attending members.)

The minutes from the June meeting were read and accepted. Lin Shaw gave the monthly treasurer’s report. Lin stated that our balance was ‘inching’ upward thanks to the monthly 50:50 raffle. There was no membership report given at this meeting, and Les Kee stated that, once again, there was no activity to report in the club’s disk library.

Vonn Malcuit was able, much to everyone’s pleasant surprise, to attend the July meeting. It was good to see Vonn again. I took the opportunity to take an updated picture of Vonn for posting in our Members Gallery. Here’s hoping Vonn will be able to make the trip up from Wooster more often.

I passed around my original review of CCAG 2001. This was the .DOC file I created that had pictures taken at the CCAG inserted in the text. I had attempted to E-mail the article to our members, but the 9.5 meg file was simply too much for all but AOL to handle. (Deanna Sheridan reported that she was able to download the file on AOL.) It was also very nice that the Milwaukee User Group published the text-only version of my review in their electronic newsletter. Harry and I reported we had a wonderful time at the show. Harry mentioned that the food service was excellent. I agreed and said, although the sloppies were very good, they were still no match for Nina Mae Hoffman’s sloppies at the 1996 & 1999 Cleveland area MUGs.

Harry brought in pictures he took of the Tall Ships when they were in port in Cleveland this last weekend (July 14 & 15). He also had some great shots of our President, Nina Mae, at the Tall Ships display and at South Park Center mall. It was wonderful to see Nina getting out once again. We all hope to see Nina at one of our meetings some day soon.

I reminded everyone that Rich Polivka was ready to burn the CD with the scanned Cleveland Area TI-99/4A User Groups newsletters from 1983 through 1999 for the members of the TI-Chips in both MAX and PDF formats. I said all Rich needed to know was how many CDs he would have to produce. At this time, the membership unanimously said since Rich put so much time and effort on our behalf that we would gladly send him a check to cover the cost of producing the CDs. (A motion for this was made and unanimously approved.) The TI-Chips would handle the distribution of these durable pieces of history for Rich.

Deanna was happy to report that she was able to purchase Dell 200 MHz computers with the generous donation from the former Northcoast 99ers user group for her church’s youth group. Deanna said the youth group’s computer section was now fully equipped.

Les Kee announced that he will be putting on a demonstration of the latest version of LINUX at the August meeting. Both Les and I will have laptops at the meeting for this presentation. I said I would E-mail out an announcement of Les’ demo to the TI-Chips’ membership.

I won the 50:50 raffle again this month. (I didn’t have anything to do with the drawing of the winning ticket! <VBG> )

Don’t forget. Les Kee will be giving a demonstration of LINUX on two laptop computers at the August 18th meeting of the TI-Chips at the North Royalton branch library from 10 ‘til noon. Mark your calendars for this event!

-Glenn Bernasek

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