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TI-CHIPS: Meeting Minutes June 2000

The June meeting of TI-Chips chips was scheduled to be an abbreviated meeting, lasting one-hour, to enable members to attend the Classic Computer and Game show (CCAG) at the National Guard armory in Lorain, Ohio. The minutes from the May meeting were read and accepted. There was no Treasurer's report in that Lin Shaw was unable to attend. However Lin had called in advance and stated that there was no new activity in the club's Treasury for the month of June.

Les Kee reported and that there was no additional activity in the club's software library for the month of June. There was some discussion regarding Rich Polivka's interest in processing the club's software library onto CDs. It was reported that Rich read the minutes from the May meeting and he said that it would be an excellent idea to copy the TI-Chips floppy disk library onto CDs. That way everyone could conceivably have his own personal copy of the TI-Chips' library.

There was an active discussion regarding Nina Hoffman's conditional acceptance of the presidency of the TI-Chips. We were made well aware that Nina may not be able to attend all meetings, and that she did not consider herself as knowledgeable in the operation of the TI-99/4A computer as most of the members. The consensus was that Nina did possess sufficient knowledge of the TI-99/4A computer and that her experience in administrative organization more than qualified Nina to be our next president regardless whether she is able to attend all meetings or not. Therefore it was unanimous decision of those attending the meeting that the TI-Chips accepted Nina's generous offer to be the next president of our user group. The masthead of the next issue of our newsletter and the TI-Chips' officer listing on Harry's web site will be adjusted to reflect this change. Congratulations Nina, and from the bottom of our hearts, "Thank you."

Les Kee brought in several hard disks he had removed from scrap hard drives to attempt to construct a refractive telescope lens with custom cut disks. Less also brought in a diagram on how he expects to assemble the lens. The concept is interesting, and the TI-Chips are looking forward to see how the finished product will work.

I reported that Rich Polivka searched my Cleveland Area newsletter collection to provided the information Deanna Sheridan needed to write an article in memory of Frank Jenkins for our next newsletter. Our gratitude is extended to Rich for responding to Deanna's request so quickly.

Harry Hoffman reported that he enjoyed going to public libraries, while he and Nina were traveling on vacation out of state, and getting on the WHT FTP site.

The 50:50 raffle was not conducted at this meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 to allow members enough time to attend the CCAG.

Secretary's note: These minutes were dictated using IBM's Via Voice 98 software.

-Glenn Bernasek

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