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TI-CHIPS: Meeting Minutes April 1999

The April meeting of the TI-Chips was called to order by Fred Ialacci. The minutes from the March meeting were read and approved. Lin Shaw gave the Treasurer's report. Lin said the March balance was down somewhat due to rather large pay outs made during that period. However the change in the TIMUG '99 date resulted in cancellation in the Friday night Preconference Get Together. (Webmaster's note: Since this April meeting, the Preconference Get Together has been rescheduled for June 11, 1999. Click here for details.) Therefore, Matt Andel was able to get a full rental deposit refund of $60 from the Middleburg Heights Recreation Hall. Ada Markus reported that the rent and security deposit for Spang Mansion was only $50 each. Therefore Ada returned $80 to the Chips Treasury. This added a much needed $140 to our coffers. The TI-Chips are grateful that Matt and Ada took care of these matters so efficiently.

John Parken brought in updated membership lists and passed out copies to those who needed them. The list has an added column to included member's Internet e-mail addresses. Several additions and changes were given to John at the meeting. John also reported that there were four (4) membership renewals during March and April.

Les Kee said he had nothing to report on the disk library at this time.

The TI-Chips expresses their appreciation to Webmaster Craig A. Getty for his assistance and expertise in designing, editing and updating Harry Hoffman's Web page. Harry's site is located at: http://members.core.com/~haryhofy/tichips/newsletter/. This Web page is both eye appealing and easy to read. Craig has taken the time to edit and retype our submissions into an interesting and informative format. Better we couldn't ask for. Thanks again, Craig.

The changing of the TIMUG '99 conference date to Saturday, June 12 was formally announced at the April meeting. The membership was informed that an open letter of announcement of the conference date change from May 15th to June 12th was posted on the Internet on both the List Server and on comp.sys.ti on April 1st. The date change was the result of circumstances beyond our control and that Ada Markus' extraordinary efforts resulted in us being able to secure Spang Mansion for the new date. Ada also reported that the doors will be open for what ever time period we should require.

John Parken brought in 50 video tapes he had purchased for the Chips to be used in reproducing videos taken at TIMUG '99. The video tapes are of excellent quality and we are sure the copies made for distribution will also be of the best quality possible.

Jack Koryta was informed that we have another customer for the 1996 MUG video set. Jack and John Parken will search their respective libraries to locate the master set from which Jack will make the requested copy.

Nina Hoffman and Ada Markus brought up the possible menu for TIMUG '99. Several delicious ideas were tossed around. They included the famous Sloppy Joes of the '96 MUG, hot dogs, condiments, side dishes (i.e., perogies) and beverages. The membership said the menu would be left to Nina and Ada's best judgment. Advance funds, approximately $200, for procurement of required food supplies will be made available at the May meeting.

Vonn Malcuit offered to bring the power distribution boxes and a 24 inch color TV to TIMUG '99. The distribution boxes will be used on the main meeting floor and his TV will be put to service in the TI-99/4A demo room. I reported that Jim Krych had called me to offer his VideoTurtle and his Magnavox SVGA TV for use in the Myarc Geneve 9640 demonstration room. The TI-Chips in attendance expressed their collective gratefulness to both Vonn and Jim for their kind and generous offers.

Les Kee and Jack Koryta have offered to bring their video cameras to TIMUG '99. They will be recording the seminars and demonstrations through out the conference. The tapes Les and Jack produce will be available for sale at $5 per tape. It is expected that two tapes will be made at TIMUG '99. It was suggested that the cameras be panned as much as possible to include those who are responding from the audience. Both Les and Jack said this may not be very successful, but they would give it a shot.

The May 21st meeting of the TI-Chips will be the pre-conference sweep-the-corners meeting for TIMUG '99. Everything that must be in place for TIMUG '99 will be in place at the conclusion of the May meeting. The TI-Chips will have their normal June meeting on June 19th. This meeting will be in addition to TIMUG '99 on June 12th.

The Jim Peterson Achievement Award voting results were turned over to Fred Ialacci to have the award plaques made. Announcement of this year's winners will be made at the presentations at TIMUG '99 on Saturday, June 12th. Fred said he would check with the plaque maker to determine what wording has been used in the past. I said I would contact Jim Krych in case the vendor did not keep records. We also made it clear that the Jim Peterson Achievement Awards would continue to be given as long as there are TIers who deserve recognition by the community. The only difference is that future awards will be in the form of Certificates of Appreciation. The honor and recognition will be just as rewarding regardless of the medium in which it is presented.

I reported that Matt Andel's hint to get on line with Freenet through Telnet and my ISP (AOL) worked great. I said I had not experienced such a quick hook up to Freenet. Thanks for the hint, Matt.

Once again, we talked about gathering PC peripheral equipment for the TI-Chips meetings. This equipment would be stored at the library in the same manner as out TI system presently is. The only concern some members expressed was that of the usefulness of PC equipment, and that it might grow legs while being stored at the public library. I stated that the security system of the library is dependable and the chances of midnight requisitions of our equipment would be remote.

Les Kee talked about magnetic core memory developments and I brought up the recent discovery of a three planet solar system 44 light years away.

There was no demonstration this month. Vonn Malcuit won the 50:50 raffle. Congratulations, Vonn. Hope to see as many TI-Chips as possible at TIMUG '99.

-Glenn Bernasek

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