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TI-CHIPS: Meeting Minutes April 2002

The April meeting of the TI-Chips was opened and the minutes from the March meeting were read and accepted. Our Treasurer, Lin Shaw, and Membership Chairman, John Parken, were unable to attend this month's meeting. Therefore there was no Treasurer's or Membership reports.

Les Kee reported that he had brought in the Zip disk he received from our Webmaster, Craig Getty, for updating and instructions. However, Craig was out of town on business for his employer.

We talked about getting ready to attend the CCAG 2002 show this coming May 25. Harry volunteered to bring his Magnavox TV over to my house to be used as a display monitor for the club's TI-99/4A at the show. (Thanks Harry for your generosity. I promise to take good care of your TV set.) I also inquired if anyone would have software I could borrow to run at the CCAG 2002. (I'll wait until the May meeting to see if there are any offers.)

I reported that the Jim Peterson Achievement Award votes are coming without a hitch and that the overall TI community response was very good.

Les Kee brought in and passed around a printout of a review of a routine called Ultra Fractal by Advanced Fractal Software. This software allows user control of color and shape. The resulting computer generated displays could be classified as art. A complete review and description of Ultra Fractal can be found at:


I won this month's 50:50 raffle, and I'll deliver the raffle proceeds to Lin Shaw.

The next meeting of the TI-Chips will be on May 18th, from 10:00 AM 'till noon in the Story Time Room in the North Royalton branch library.

-Glenn Bernasek

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