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TI-CHIPS: Meeting Minutes February 2004

The February meeting of the TI-Chips was called to order, and the Minutes from the January meeting were read and accepted. Lin Shaw gave his Treasurer's report. (Once again, the monthly 50:50 raffle is keeping our bank balance healthy.) There was no membership report and Les Kee reported no activity in the software library.

The Jim Peterson Achievement Awards were additionally modified, with the unanimous approval of those in attendance, to have the TI-99/4A Community Service category renamed to simply TI-99/4A. This change would enable the category of future TI-99/4A awardees to be defined by their achievements. Therefore the 2005 Jim Peterson Achievement Awards will have two categories. They will be: TI-99/4A and Myarc "Geneve" 9640. As previously recorded in the December Minutes, this change will be in effect for the Class of 2005 and beyond.

I reported that the web site for the TI-99/4A Hall of Fame was being worked on, and is open for visits at http://www.ti99hof.org/. This site is well worth the visit. It will be a permanent place for remembering the TI'ers who did so much for our community and their achievements that made our favorite home computer what it is today possible.

I reported that I had received inquiries regarding the possibility of making the Jim Peterson Awards nominations, editing and voting an on line procedure. I said that I replied that the TI-Chips would discuss the possibility with our Web Master, Scott Kee.

Our new Web Master, Scott Kee, was able to attend this meeting. Scott was introduced to and warmly welcomed by all who attended. Much of the rest of the official meeting was devoted to discussions about our web site.

The first item for discussion was the addition of interactive nominating, editing and voting pages to our present web site. Scott replied that this could easily be done, and that he will be happy to work on the additions. All submissions from these pages will be E- mailed directly to my ISP address at GBBasics@aol.com. (This on line feature will be a convenience feature from the TI-Chips that will encourage more TI'ers to visit our web site at http://members.cox.net/smkee11/tichips/newsletter/.)

The next subject discussed was an old project for our web site. The TI-Chips had voted to include a Memorial Page dedicated to the memory of greater Cleveland, Ohio TI'ers who had died. I said I would send Scott the draft for the Memorial Page. Scott also agreed to work on designing this special addition and will include appropriate background music such as The Navy Hymn. We're all looking forward to see what Scott creates for our site.

At the conclusion of these discussions, it was moved and unanimously approved that Scott Kee be awarded honorary membership in the TI-Chips. As was stated before, "Welcome aboard Scott."

As luck would have it, Scott won this month's 50:50 drawing. What a great way to become a new member in the TI-Chips! Congratulations Scott.

The next meeting of the TI-Chips will be on Saturday, March 20 in the Storytime room of the North Royalton branch library from 10:00 until noon.

-Glenn Bernasek

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