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TI-CHIPS: Meeting Minutes February 2000

The February meeting of the TI-Chips was opened by yours truly. Fred Ialacci is healing from a double by-pass operation. We wish Fred a rapid and complete recovery. The Chips hope to see Fred at a meeting soon.

The January minutes were read and Lin Shaw gave the Treasurer's report. Once again Les Kee had to report that there was no activity in the disk library last month. John Parken reported that we have 16 members and March is the important membership renewal month. John also brought in the updated e-mail address listing of Chips members. Some addresses were changed and John said he would have another updated list for us next month.

Harry Hoffman and I both recommended the Chips members join the On Line TI-99/4A User Group (OLUG). The text and graphic capabilities make this service, moderated by Tom Wills, a must for TIers around the world. A short discussion was made on the future of paper newsletters. It was agreed that the electronic newsletter would eventually replace the paper publication. This is why the E-group, On Line User Group will become so important for maintaining communication throughout the TI community.

At this point, it was suggested that we ask Rich Polivka if he would be interested in scanning our complete Cleveland Area TI-99/4A User Groups newsletter library onto CDs. I said I would contact Rich about this request. This would be a wonderful way to preserve the history of the Cleveland Area TI-99/4A user groups.

Ada Markus inquired if the TI-Chips had invited Northcoast 99ers members to join the TI-Chips. The answer was an emphatic, "Yes." Membership in the TI-Chips was and will always be open to the members of the disbanded Northcoast 99ers.

I read and passed around Jim Krych's article announcing the Classic Computer and Game Faire set for June 16 and 17, 2000 in the National Guard armory, on Route 57, in Lorain, Ohio. Those in attendance authorized me to reserve two tables for the TI-Chips at the faire. I explained that Jim will be publishing more information as the time for the Faire draws near. Both Harry Hoffman and Ron Markus said they will contact Jim to reserve their tables individually.

I read the article posted on the OLUG (On Line User Group) regarding the recent passing of Harry Brashear's wife. The TI-Chips extend their deepest sympathy to Harry for his great loss.

I also took the opportunity to pass around the article I posted on the OLUG detailing the history and the operation of the Jim Peterson Achievement Awards sponsored by the TI-Chips. Ada Markus then asked if anybody had tried to have TIers write short articles about their experiences and memories with the TI-99/4A. Harry said the attempts to encourage TIers write their own "bios" was met with limited participation. I then passed around a copy of the "bio" I wrote and had posted on the OLUG. This was followed by some reminiscing by the Chips.

John Parken reported that he found a bad memory module, in his PC clone, interfered with loading of Windows98 into his computer. I said this could be valuable information to know and that I would pass it along to people I know who regularly work with computer system operations.

Ron Markus invited the Chips to look at his new web site and let him know what we think of it. The address is:


The North Royalton Library's letter advising the TI-Chips that the facility will be closed for renovations was passed around and discussed. I informed those in attendance that I had reserved the small meeting room, from 10:00 am to noon, for March 25th. Therefore, please remember, the March meeting will be on the 25th of March. (Same time, same room.)

Matt Andel won the 50:50 raffle. Congratulations, Matt.

-Glenn Bernasek

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