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TI-CHIPS: Meeting Minutes January 2000

The January, Y2K meeting of the TI-Chips was opened by yours truly. Fred Ialacci was unable to attend this month. The reading of December's minutes were waived. Lin Shaw said the TI-Chips finances were doing well, and we are slightly ahead of the same time last year. John Parken also couldn't make the meeting. Therefore there was no membership report this month.

Les Kee, doing a very good imitation of the Maytag service man, said there was no activity in the disk library and therefore had nothing to report.

Harry Hoffman was congratulated by those in attendance for the excellent job he did on designing the new masthead for the TI-Chips' newsletter. Harry said he scanned the masthead and saved it in .jpg format so that it could be easily transferred onto any newsletter publication. Job well done Harry!

Those who attended, cast their votes for the class of 2000 Jim Peterson Achievement Awards. The ballots will continue to be brought to each meeting to enable all Chips members to vote.

Harry and Nina contacted Les Israel's niece to arrange pickup of Les' TI equipment and manuals. Harry said they would bring what they get to future meetings for fellow members to take a look at and decide what they would want. At least one working TI-99/4A will be donated to Deanna's church youth group.

Jack Koryta informed the Chips that his father, Charles Koryta, passed away during New Year's weekend. Our deepest felt condolences are extended to Jack and his family. Charles Koryta always brought a sense of friendliness and cheer to the TI-Chips meetings that he could either drop by or attend. Charles will certainly be missed by all who knew him.

There was a discussion about the new TI community communication service put into operation by Tom Wills. This is a replacement for the original text only List Server that served all TIers so well. The new service is a text/graphic web site provided by eGroups.com and is dedicated to the users of the TI-99/4A and the Myarc, Geneve 9640. Both Harry and I recommended membership in the On Line TI-99/4A User Group. I've already posted several pictures and the TI-Chips' meeting calendar on the site. The site manager can be contacted at: ti99-4a@eGroups.com

Mark McCauley, former Vice-president and Software Librarian for the TI-Chips, dropped by to say Hello, see if we were indeed still alive and bring some old TI stuff for us to take. It was great to see Mark again, and we extended our invitation for him to rejoin the TI-Chips. Mark said he would bring in a CC40 for anybody who wants it. (I hope I raised my hand high enough.)

There were some questions about the upcoming Classic Computer and Electronic Game Show being hosted by Jim Krych's Atari User Group. I explained that, as far as I know, it was still scheduled for the first weekend in June, at the National Guard armory in Lorain, Ohio. I said there have been several organizational meetings that I was unable to attend, but I conveyed the TIer's requirements for a minimum of 1000 square feet of floor space. (This was approximately the floor area we enjoyed at TIMUG '99 in Spang Mansion.) Jim said he will advise the TI community of the final plans, date, time and location for the show.

I talked about how easy it is to make a mess of the clear plastic window on a scanner with lotion filled tissues. The lotion irreparably fogs the surface and adversely affects the quality of the scanned image. I had to replace the messed up window with a hand cut piece of 1/16" thick picture frame glass. The new window seems to work well, but it could have been avoided if I hadn't used those tissues in the first place.

Ron Markus talked about his line of re-inked, black and color ink jet printer cartridges for Cannon and Epson printers. These re-inked cartridges are being offered by RamCharged Computers at less than half the price of new/replacement cartridges. This is a great deal in that Ron only re-inks high quality cartridges and uses only high quality inks.

Ron was on a roll at this meeting. After some gentle nudging, Ron discovered that he won the 50:50 raffle. Congratulations Ron. <VBG>

-Glenn Bernasek

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