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Favorite TI-99/4A Places to Visit on the Web

These are all TI-99/4A, Geneve, or PC99 related! Some of these sites are accessible with your TI computer. Hope you check these out.

TI99'ers Hall of Fame

Milwaukee User Group Newsletter

Bruce Harrison's Page with links to his Home Page

Richard Bell's home page - TI-99/4A Vendor

B. Yates 'The Home Computer' page (TI-99)

Gary Cox's Mid-South UG, Memphis, Tennessee

Stephen Shaw's Family Home Page - TI-99 & PC99

Western Horizon Technologies - Don O'Neil's Page

Mike Wright's Web Page for PC99 & CADd Electronics

Lew King - West Penn 99ers - Downloads & Links

Rich Polivka’s original ‘TI-99/4A Home Computer Page’

Alan Hewston's Web site for TI-99 game reviews

Newsletter Home Page

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