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From the Editor's Desk, November/December 1998

Hi TIers,

Asking for feedback from my friends in the Cleveland Area community! If you read the newsletter, maybe you can help me decide what goes in the NL. I have had no articles from you in quite awhile, except for the minutes and Glenn's articles. It would be nice to hear from you about what's happening in your computer world.

We are all basically just computer people helping other computer nuts! The TI-99/4A started most of us in this direction and now it is hard to get members to help others with their troubles. That help is built into our By-laws I believe. It is what we are all about. Questions can be put in the NL and answers also. It still can be related to the computer world without people getting upset that it isn't TI-99! It is hard to know how you feel about this until you tell me. Do you want me to fill-in blank pages with TI List-Server stuff or not? It is important for me to know!

Thank you for listening to this rant. Especially, thanks to those that will follow through on it!!!

This NL has been filled with MUG'99 stuff and I hope it comes off well. Turn in your vote for the Jim Peterson Award at this meeting!

CU @ the meeTIng,


PS: Hope all TI'ers everywhere have a blessed New Year!!!

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