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From the Editor's Desk, September/October 1998

Hi TIers,

I have been working overtime for the last several months and have not enjoyed any of it except for the $$$! I'm finally biting the bullet and refusing the overtime because of our important meeting.

Plans for the Ohio "MUG `99" are going along as planned and though a meeting hall is sketchy, we are making second and third plans. Glenn is doing a terrific job of co-ordinating the MUG`99 and I have every confidence that it will be a great one! All we need is for all to help in this endeavor.

The TI-List Server is moving along at a fast clip. Many people are still actively programming and working on hardware that needed upgrades. Mr. Becker and his group of hardware people are busy helping Don O'neil with the SCSI card! Good Luck, guys!

The TI-99 & Geneve are not dead yet, as many are still in love with our simple and great machine!

CU @ the meeTIng,

Happy Thanksgiving all you TI-99ers and Genever's!

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