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From the Editor's Desk, July/August 1999

Hi TIers,

Well, this has been a good year for us because of the TI-MUG'99. The bad part was the many things that happened all at about the same time. MICROpendium, Mike Wright, and our own NorthCoast 99ers all closed their doors. Although Mike said he quit, he still puts it all out to the people through Don O’Neil’s ftp site at ftp://ftp.whtech.com/pub/ ! This has been a blessing for PC99 people. Bruce Harrison also stopped programming for the TI/Geneve group but still maintains a beautiful web site and helps others prepare their web sites!

I have printed on the last page that ‘Newsletter Only & members of NorthCoast 99ers' may still want our newsletter. How to is printed there on the last page. TI-Chips welcomes all TIers to our meetings. We also ask that if you are going to come on a regular basis that you join our group. We are open to demos on TI’s and other computers, but have special rules in our charter that you must own or know how to use the TI-99/4A or Geneve computer.

This newsletter is now being printed from two different computers. An experiment to help me keep my sanity while trying to edit and print a good newsletter. I would appreciate any and all input to this manner of editing!

I want to take this time to thank Craig Getty for his hard work on our Web page as our Webmaster and his patience with me and my whacky ways ;-) Craig is a professional Webmaster and donates a tremendous amount of time to our site. He is doing an excellent job and he hasn’t even owned a TI-99/4A or Geneve!

C U @ meeTIng TIme,


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