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From the Editor's Desk, May/June 1999

Hi TIers,

The TI-MUG'99 turned out better than we expected. Turnout was good and the seminars were great! There was a sad note as Bruce Harrison said he would no longer be writing programs for the TI. Because of all the 3rd party hardware, it is impossible to write ONE program for the TI-99 without writing different versions for special new peripherals, such as the AMS, SNUG cards, or the HRD's. This has been an ongoing problem and Bruce says he cannot write for stuff he doesn't have/or need! He has offered to help anyone that needs a Webmaster for their Web page. He has already helped with the new TI-99 newsletter page!

Several 99ers got home from the MUG only to find a "Last issue" of the MICROpendium in their mailboxes! Bummer! John & Laura have been underwriting their NL because lack of subscribers has eaten up their resources to the point of bankrupcy. They do have back issues and disks for sale which may help to pay some of their debts. I believe I have every issue of that fine magazine and wish John and Laura good luck in the future. Thanks for giving us a fine magazine!

More bad news!!! Mike Wright has put his CaDD Electronics up for sale! All the hardware and software to any taker with a reasonable offer! Just when you think all is lost, TIers are going forward with an on-line newsletter that any TIer can present articles and all can download. There is some finalizing to do! Web pages cost money and so does hard copies for those without Internet access. All this has to be worked out and information can be found on the TI-Listserver. I'm sure everyone can find some friend or a library access to get information about the TI99 NL. Mike Wright will still take care of PC99 users for a while. He will not leave all in the lurch! Mike really needs to `get a life' as the saying goes. If this editorial is confusing ... so am I. ;-)

C U @ meeTIng TIme,


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