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From the Editor's Desk, March/April 1999

Hi TIers,

Another knuckle busting time for the newsletter. Articles are very hard to come by. We do have members who keep the dust off their computers (TI-99's) who actually use them. I'd like to see in writing what they are doing with their machines. Nina and I use the TI for games and putting out the newsletter. The PC is faster for getting on the Net. Right now my Win98 does not know I have a modem and I cannot get it to learn. Hope it is software and NOT hardware!

I have just retired and will be out of town for about a month and a half. We are going to visit our kids in Florida and Arkansas. We'll be back by the week of the TIMUG'99 and be ready to help Ada Markus with the food handling. Nina and I hope to see you then.

I need feedback on this important problem! I'm seriously thinking of letting our Web page be the only newsletter the Cleveland Area TI-99/4A UG will have to offer. It doesn't make sense to pay for all that printing and postage just for minutes of the club meetings. Most, if not all members have access to the Web and can get it easily. For the few that don't, we can make special arrangements. Being retired doesn't justify all the time it takes to edit files from HTML format to TI format. Believe me, it does take much time and effort to do this. Maybe we could get another volunteer to do this if the club's need it done that way!

See you at the TIMUG'99,


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